A unique world first South African product

The most important characteristic of citrus wood is that each tree trunk is unique, as depicted by its life cycle and environmental conditions. 

When the wood is stained, a blend of colour emerges to contribute to the exclusivity and distinctiveness of each piece of furniture.

There are many factors that influence the different colours you will notice in citrus wood. i.e. the moisture in the air during manufacture, the density and age of the wood, and exposure to sunlight.

Each piece is handcrafted and a truly South African product.


Environmentally friendly  

This exclusive range is created from redundant citrus trees that are cleared for the re-establishment of new orchards. Citrus trees bear fruit for 30 – 50 years before the trunks are recovered for furniture-making..

The wood is an excellent hardwood and in its raw state, reflects the character of its fruit bearing phase. Historically, non-productive citrus trees were uprooted and discarded. Orange Tree Furniture recycles this beautiful wood.

We are committed to responsible luxury, our eco-friendly products allows each and every one of us to decrease the negative effect on our planet.